Barry Woods

Barry Woods, a resident of Portland, Oregon, has had a real journey to healing.


A pilot, Woods flew himself and his wife to an airshow in Nevada and suffered a stroke while he was there. They chose to have him do his rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Kirkland, Washington, since the facility is close to their daughter’s house.


When Woods arrived on Nov. 19, 2018, he needed total assistance for walking, transferring from one surface to another, bathing and grooming. He couldn’t even wheel himself in a wheelchair. He also needed extensive assistance to roll over in bed and get dressed, and the stroke had also impaired his cognition and his ability to express and understand language.


Nursing staff, as well as physical, occupational and speech therapists all did their part to help Woods regain function so he could return home.


Physical therapists worked with Woods on bed mobility, transfers (such as getting from a chair to the bed), walking, balance, positioning, strengthening and coordination. They met with him six times a week and used a variety of exercises to help him meet his goal, as well as electrical stimulation to help with healing.


Occupational therapists focused on retraining Woods in his activities of daily living, including a lot of work on his arms and hands for tasks like bathing, grooming and getting dressed. They helped him improve his grasp and pinch abilities.


Speech therapists helped Woods to improve his communication skills.


About therapy, Woods said, “From start to finish, it’s been a huge support.”


Wood reached his goals and was able to move to the Harborview Acute Rehab Unit at the facility on March 28, 2019. He can now think clearly, express himself pretty well, wheel himself in a wheelchair with supervision and walk with minimal assistance. He returned home to Oregon with his wife on April 18.